October 26, 2010

Slavic gods and creatures

 Today I will represent you gods and creatures from Slavic mythology. :)


    * Rod - Creator of Heaven, Earth, and the Underworld. Comes out of the Egg bringing Fire.
    * Lada - Mother of the gods.
    * Svarog - Chief god of the heavens.

Heaven: Sons of Svarog, the main Slavic gods associated with formal rituals.

    * Svarogovich - God of fire and the forge.
    * Perun - God of lightning, warriors, and storms - became identified with St. Elias.
    * Dazhbog - God of the sun, the White God (Belobog). 


    * Zemlya - Earth goddess - referred to as 'Mother Damp Earth' (Mat Syra Zemlya). [Terra (Roman), Gea (Greek), Erda (German): The planet Earth, soil/land, and the goddess are identified by the same name, usually given the title Mother. It is reasonable to assume the Slavs did the same thing, although their lack of ritual for goddesses make it impossible to prove.]
    * Kupala - Water goddess [overall command of water sources].
    * Veles/Volos - God of agriculture/animal husbandry [god with a ritual] - became identified with St. Blasius.


    * Chërt - Chief god of the underworld, the Black God (Chërnobog). Rarely mentioned, no doubt to avoid his notice. He should have two helpers, but, if there is little mention of him, there is less mention of his associates.

Lesser Gods:

    * Yaro/Yarilo - God of Spring/fertility - stronger following among Western Slavs who call the season Yaro and identify him as the White God.
    * Zorya - actually three Zori: Evening, Morning, and Night who guard the Wild Dog (sometimes identified as Simargl) held captive in the Little Dipper to prevent him from eating the world. [Probably borrowed, the Romans called this constellation Ursa Minor (Little Bear) and Simargl was imported from Persia.]
    * Stribog - God of winds.
    * Dogoda - West wind [Probably borrowed from Persian Adad.]
    * Mokosh - Fertility goddess [Probably borrowed from Georgians/Armenians.]

The Little People: Can be helpful, but are easy to annoy, normally resulting in disfigurement or death.

    * Leshiï - Forest Elf - blue skinned/green haired.
    * Rusalka - Water Fairy - beautiful maiden, one per body of water or river.
    * Bannik - Bath House Brownie* - one per bath house [Think sauna.]
    * Domovoï - House Brownie* - one per house.
    * Dvorovoï - Yard Brownie* - one per yard.
    * Ovinnik - Barn Spirit - black cat with green eyes - one per barn.
    * Polevik - Field Brownie* - one per plowed field.

      * - Brownie indicates short, brown-skinned, man-shaped spirit.

Mythical Beasts/People:

    * Baba Yaga - Evil witch of great power who lives in a chicken-legged hut in a marsh surrounded by a picket fence topped with human skulls. Eats people and is generally disagreeable.
    * Bogatyri - Russian version of the Knights of the Round Table and the Paladins. Naturally there were three of them.
    * Rorag - Roc/Firebird/Phoenix - eagle with fiery plumage, associated with Rod's Egg.
    * Seryï Volk (Grey Wolf) - truly Slavic, a shape-shifter with great wisdom.
    * Simargl - Dragon [Persian Simurgh - Roc] - flying monster, sometimes wi
th dog's head.

 In next posts I will represent you each god little more! Hope you'll like this! Enjoy reading! Slava! ^^


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